Why do I support local?

There has been so much hype of late around supporting local? Local music, local TV, local brands in all the many forms. This got me thinking as to what has changed, how come everyone is on this buzz?

Firstly I considered quality, and lets be straight up honest here its not for quality alone because many international brands have mass produced high quality items at time cheaper then local brands especially where clothing is considered.

Next consideration is style and variety, again there are chain stores that hold larger selections of trendy and market related varieties across all sectors.

So this pretty much leaves me with SUPPORT and COMMUNITY. Everyone regardless of what many will argue love to be a part of something, a party of a community, part of a movement or a cause. Its human nature to seek out companionship. And this my friends is what I have come to realize, we support local because its where we belong, where we make friends, where we connect and find support!

Any product that you market will always succeed when you touch the heart and soul of your target market and is it not so much easier to reach out to your neighbor, your fellow parents experiencing the same issues that you are on a daily.

South Africa has long been the target of much negativity and like a phoenix our local brands have risen from the ashes, choosing rather to celebrate our talents and our strengths. With awesome music, actors, businessmen and woman and lets not forget why we are here, our FASHION! Our proudly South African Mama’s who are making incredible clothing, toys, furniture and much more! Quality that you cannot imagine can come out of someones garage or loft room, styles that you wouldn’t believe a Mama could still have imagination left to come up with, after bathing kids, cooking and cleaning! Service deserving a golden award of excellence after a day of being Mother, Chef, Driver and Wife, she still has time to smile and send a heartwarming email to thank you for your support!

As woman, as mothers we support local to be a part of that community the one that you can rely on, meet up with for a coffee and while you there buy your kids next gorgeous outfit! Woman find ways to multi-task so whats better then seeing a friend and shopping while your kids have a playdate?

It warms my heart when I see the community that has risen from the brands in South Africa and makes me super proud to be a Mommy here, even inspires me to find ways to contribute to this market, like what can I make or create that our kids need?

So next time you see a new Mommy store on Instagram or Facebook give her a like or a follow and remember her when you need to buy that toy, jacket or shoes, because you are not just buying that item from a store you are buying a part of someones dream and that’s just MAGICAL….