Travelling with Gremlins

So for the April school holidays my Mom asked us to come and visit… ¬†Durban…..we live in Cape Town….

This obviously meant that we need to take a flight, which may I add was only Dakotas 2nd time flying. Que Dakota who is a boisterous and highly energetic 1 and half year old little girl. These days ¬†flights cost an arm and leg so here was my dilemma, do we fly at the cheapest rate or do we fly in accordance with my child’s sleeping patterns? I don’t know how many of you moms have experienced a live wire kid on a plane its truly one of the most stressful things to live through, so I bit the bullet and bought the pricey ticket because I am pretty sure nobody would approve of me downing small size bottles of whiskey while my child runs screaming through the plane at high altitude!

Now on the day of the flight both there and back I start sedating myself not my child as I am more likely to loose my shit then she is! And this time round I must tell you that I had a pleasant experience both ways with my child BUT not so much with the airline! There is nothing more annoying when airlines are inconsistent in their policy or when they look at you like an alien when your 6 year old bought 6 toys guns in Durban and wants to bring them home, or when you dare take a car seat with you I mean who believes in safety!!

The Mango assistant can be really glad that I have already sedated myself as he started on about toy guns not being allowed to be checked in your luggage, and then telling me that you have to use your luggage weight allowance to book your car seat in! REALLY!! I mean have any of the people who make these rules or enforce them EVER traveled alone with TWO kids under the age of 7!!! So to be clear you may carry the car seat with you to the plane and check it in at the door for FREE but you need to pay R250 (8kg car seat) to book it in. So lets get this image clear, I need to carry an toddler, hold a 6 year olds hand while he carries his travel bag, and I am carrying my laptop bag (I had to work), the baby bag (she had to poop) and my handbag (someone has to pay for stuff). I was livid to say the least, and all this while the agent discusses his personal plans for the weekend with the girl next to him!

So surprise surprise my anticipated point of a breakdown was my small child but instead the gremlin turned out to be the Mango assistant! And to add Dakota was an angel fell asleep, slept through the two hour flight and when she woke up smiled and waved at all the passengers, Carter is always an angel, he’s a bit of a seasoned traveler having been everywhere back and forth with me for the first 3 years of his life. Oh and the IPAD, he gets engrossed in a movie for two hours leaving me stress free! I know many moms say that’s not good but one thing being a mom has taught me we all do what we need to do to get by……