Will you fight for your child?

So everyone across South Africa has now seen the infamous Spur video wherein a random father and mother get involved in a huge public argument regarding their children. The jest  of the matter was the kids landed in a scuffle shall we say and then all hell broke loose from there, its not within my realm to comment further.

BUT this whole debacle got me thinking about us as parents and how far we will go to defend and protect our children, we have often used the terms I would kill for my child, but would you? Should you? Could you?

Its never a nice feeling to see your child hurt no matter what the cause of their pain is, but upon pondering this scenario and also conjuring images of me hurling grown parents around like a scene out of Ben Hur because lets face it hurling their little brats around is NOT kosher no matter what they did, I thought about the aftermath….

We are truly the  real life example to our kids of how they will deal with conflict and aggression, and I will put my hand up that I have on more then one occasion flipped someone the bird and sworn profanities at them while driving and YES my kids were in the car! So while I have this experience to base my FUTURE conduct on I would say that we should think long and hard about our next move, think about what we are teaching our kids through our own actions.

That does not go to say that we should walk away and not confront it but rather how we confront it because in this fast pace world filled with every sort of challenge our kids will face great opposition, true anger and God forbid they might fall victim to violence. So we need to equip them to stand up themselves with dignity, with compassion and above all else with respect.

Its such a tough business raising kids the RIGHT way because the only way to get it RIGHT is through EXPERIENCE and whats that saying ‘Hindsight is a bitch!’



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